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Flux2game – your resource for addicting online games

Yes, not that addictive actually. These games are all fun to play when you have some time to kill but you won’t get a junkie. So no worries. I love to play myself and thought I might start this site to have a place with all my favorite games. Yes, there are a lot of sites out there but here I just want to add the games I, me, myself, whatever prefer to play. I don’t want to get emails with new games I’m not interested in and I don’t want to login into Facebook (I hate Facebook!). I’m already killing enough time with these games then I don’t need Facebook any more. And I prefer playing than checking “friend” requests or like any stupid cat videos or clickbait posts. Anyways, here we go:

Llamas in Distress

I love Llamas. No idea why. So it’s no surprise that I love to play this game:

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Dusk Drive

I’m driving a pretty fast car myself and there’s no reason why I cannot love this game:

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Last Dinosaurs

This game makes me sad to be honest. I always had a weakness for Dinos and when playing this game I feel a bit melodramatic. But I still love it:

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Sticky Ninja Missions

Hey, do you know what’s cooler than Ninjas? Nothing! No fucking way there’s anything cooler than Ninjas. So just play this game:

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Book of Ra

Yes this one is different. It’s a slot game. I do not play slots for real money, just fake money to be sure. I know I’d never win a jackpot… Book of Ra is pretty cool and played by millions of players every day:

Book of Ra Gaminator

Just Jewels

Yes this one is for ladies and a bit “gay” but a have a feeling that playing this slot makes me happy. Maybe you are a woman or feel the same, then you can play this slot for hours:

Just Jewels Gaminator

I think this was it for now. I’ll come back from time to time and add some new ones. Maybe I’ll kick some of these games out when they don’t do their job any more. Right now I doubt it but never know. You know the feeling when you realize that there’s a series you never thought you can find not funny but it actually is? Best example is Two and a half men. No idea how I could have ever laughed about these silly jokes. But back then I could not imagine not watching this any more over and over again. Crazy right?